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AlDakheel Oud Factory in Baghdad AlDakheel Oud Factory in Baghdad

Al Dakheel Oud Factory participated in Baghdad International Fair as part of a group of 95 leading national companies in various priority export sectors. These companies showcased their distinguished products under the " Saudi Exports Development Authority " at the 47th edition of the Baghdad International Fair. Aldakheel oud stand received visits from several Iraqi and Saudi officials, including the Iraqi Minister of Trade and the Saudi Ambassador to Iraq, along with other officials from both countries.

This unprecedented participation in Iraq marks the culmination of the efforts of Al Dakheel Oud Factory, which has surpassed the domestic market to contribute to promoting national products outside the Kingdom.

Al Dakheel Oud Factory's pavilion at the exhibition featured a complete production line, allowing visitors to experience the real perfume manufacturing process and gain insight into the journey of fragrance production through all its stages.

The pavilion attracted significant interest from visitors who explored the factory's capabilities in producing high-quality perfumes proudly labeled "Made in Saudi Arabia."

New branch opened in Al-Sharae, Holly Mecca. New branch opened in Al-Sharae, Holly Mecca.

Al-Dakheel Oud has just opened its new branch in Al-Sharae in the city of Mecca. The new branch is located in Mohammed Saleh Bashraheel Street.

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